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August 20, 2001

European Park Announces Record Breaking Coaster

Surrey, United Kingdom -- Thorpe Park announced plans to build a world-record breaking roller coaster with more loops than any other coaster on the planet. The new $10 million thrill ride named Odyssey will debut in early spring 2002.

What makes Odyssey unique is the fact that the coaster will feature an unprecedented ten inversions during its two-minute journey. From the beginning to the end riders will be sent upside down over and over again.

John Wardley, a consultant for the park, said Odyssey will claim the world record from Dragon Khan and Monte Makaya roller coasters in Spain, which each feature eight inversions.

Odyssey will be built in the "Lost City," a themed section designed to appear like ruins of ancient civilization. The coaster will feature a unique double cobra roll, spiral inversions, vertical loops and a unique element that will flip the riders over so they are upside down as they travel along a straight section of track.

According to the Tussaud Group that owns Thorpe Park construction on Odyssey has begun. The foundations for the roller coaster have been poured and work on the steel structure is about to begin.