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August 16, 2001

Three... Two... One... Blast Off On Cedar Point's VertiGo

Sandusky, OH -- VertiGo, one of the newest thrill ride concepts in the amusement park industry, is now open at the Challenge Park activity complex, located adjacent to Cedar Point amusement park.

The new scream machine is a vertical thrill ride that launches guests nearly 300-feet up toward the sky at speeds reaching 50 mph! It is one of the first-of-its-kind in the world.

VertiGo designed by S&S Power of Utah uses compressed air and attached steel cables to launch the six-person, triangular-shaped ride carriage up and above the three 265-foot-tall towers that support the ride before bringing its passengers safely back to Earth.

Riders have the ability to choose from three different ways to experience VertiGo: Hot Rocket -- where riders remain in the upright position throughout the entire ride; Cosmic Flip -- where riders begin in the upright position, then as the ride reaches its climax, the seats rotate forward 150 degrees to provide a "nose-dive" sensation as the carriage descends toward the ground; or Big Bang -- where riders are flipped forward 150 degrees shortly after launch and travel through the apex and a majority of the return to the ground in the upside-down position.

Similar to the other attractions in Challenge Park, VertiGo has a separate fee. Individual ride price for VertiGo is $10. Guests can save $15 for groups of three, $14 for doubles and $5 for single riders with the purchase of a Double Dare ticket, which includes rides on both VertiGo and RipCord. VertiGo riders must be at least 52 inches tall. Admission to Cedar Point is not required.