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August 10, 2001

Hersheypark to Build Setpoint Inverted Water Coaster

Hershey, PA -- Hersheypark announced plans to build a new Setpoint swing-thing interactive water ride roller coaster for the 2002 season. The new yet to be named ride will be the biggest, wettest most splash-tacular attraction in the Northeast.

If you like roller coasters and water rides then you're going to love this ride. The ride is themed with Hershey's Product Characters engaged in a thrilling water battle and you're in the middle. From the ground as a spectator or from the air as a rider... you will get wet!

Hersheypark guests will board four passenger suspended, swinging cars that travel on 1,300 feet of tubular steel while holding 16-gallons of water to be dropped on the unsuspecting guests waiting in line below. But riders on the coaster better be beware as revenge for their soakings may come.

Spectators and the gang of Hershey's Product Characters armed with an arsenal of massive water cannons from the ground may retaliate by directing the massive cannons at the riders above. In addition to the interactive water battle, water fountains, water geysers and water curtains are all poised and ready to explode.

Don't kid yourself in thinking you'll walk away dry... there's no chance.

To kick off the fun and build up excitement for the new roller coaster water ride Hersheypark is holding a name this coaster contest. For the first time in park history guests will have the opportunity to name the new attraction.

The chosen grand prize winner will be flown to Hersheypark to participate in the grand opening ceremony (you'll be the guinea pig for the media to soak). You'll also receive four 2002 season passes to Hersheypark and of course your name on a plaque at the ride location for all to see.

To participate in the "What Would You Call It Contest" visit the Hersheypark web site and submit your name ideas for this new thrilling attraction.

Attraction Facts Sheet

Ride Designer: Setpoint, Inc.

Vehicles: Nine 4-passenger suspended, swinging cars

Track Length: 1,300 feet

Lift Height: 45-50 feet

Maximum Speed: 30 feet per second

Vehicle Water Bomb Systems: 9 each

Vehicle Water Bomb Capacity: 16 gallons

Water Bomb Capacity Per Rider: 4 gallons

Height Requirement: 42 inches if accompanied by responsible rider, otherwise 48 inches