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August 2, 2001

Europa Park to Build Europe's Largest Roller Coaster

Germany -- Europa Park, announced their plans and broke ground on the construction of the largest roller coaster in Europe. The new 229-foot roller coaster named Silver Star will open in spring 2002.

Mercedes Benz silver arrow test car driver Alexander Wurz, Bernd Cutter the acting German route car master and young Swiss challenger Marcel Faessler were on hand for the ground breaking ceremony on Thursday, July 26.

Starting next spring visitors to the park will be able to experience the silver rate sensation, which is normally reserved for the formula one race car driver." said Mercedes Benz test car driver Alexander Wurz. "It's about time for everyone to feel like a race car driver and I would not hesitate a moment to try it."

The new hypercoaster will stand 229-feet and feature a massive 210-foot initial drop at a 70-degree angle. Passengers will race along 5,315 feet of steel track in one of three 36-passenger trains reaching speeds of up to 81 mph.

Silver Star is designed by Bolliger and Mabillard, a Swiss firm known for their excellence in steel coaster design. Construction at the park will be supervised by Roland and Juergen Mack of the Mack Gmbh corporation of Germany.

B&M designed the three and half minute ride to feature stomach wrenching drops, impressive air time and plain speed. Park visitors will also experience powerful g-forces of up to 4 G's while on board.

The new coaster will be themed to car racing and Mercedes Benz is partnering with the park to present an exhibition hall featuring Formula One racing. The racing theme and exhibition hall will be tied into the ride experience.

Europa Park, Germany's largest theme park entertains more than 3 million guests every year. Silver Star is slated to open in the spring of 2002.