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August 1, 2001

Paramount's Kings Dominion Starts Building 12th Coaster

Richmond, VA -- Paramount's Kings Dominion proudly announces the addition of the twelfth roller coaster in it's unique collection of coaster experiences --dubbed "The Daring Dozen." Construction has already begun on Ricochet -- a unique, fast track roller coaster packed with tight hairpin turns, abrupt twists, breathtaking bumps, insane turn-arounds and a fantastic 50-foot drop.

Ricochet was designed by Mack & Company from Germany. The ride is an exceptional coaster experience designed to provide every rider with the feeling of sitting in the front car as each four-seat vehicle takes thrill seekers on a wild three-minute adventure.

Fast track coasters got their start in the 1950's as "Wild Mouse" coasters and have evolved into today's modern mechanical marvels. The basic premise of the "Wild Mouse" remains -- compact coaster design with single cars careening high above through tight turns and abrupt drops. What makes this fast track coaster different from others is the custom-designed 50-foot drop. The drop is twice as high as on other "Wild Mouse" coaster designs and means more speed and bigger thrills for Ricochet riders.

"Our coaster collection is unmatched and with the biggest variety of coaster experiences anywhere there's something for everybody! Paramount's Kings Dominion is every coaster enthusiast's number one destination in the east!," boasts Executive Vice President and General Manager Richard Zimmerman. "Paramount Parks got a great response to this ride when we installed it at Canada's Wonderland and we think our guests will love it as part of the PKD coaster collection!"

Heinrich Mack GMBH & Company from Waldkirch, Germany is recognized worldwide as a leader in roller coaster design. Mack was founded by Mr. Paul Mack in 1780 and began manufacturing amusement rides in 1920. Mack & Company also designed and built Kings Dominion's unique bobsled-style coaster, Avalanche in 1988. Ricochet(tm) will highlight Kings Dominion's "Daring Dozen" roller coaster collection beginning in the Spring of 2002.

Other exciting 2002 additions include a new motion simulator film "Meteor Attack" added to the Action FX Theatre, Dora the Explorer(tm) and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius(tm) Costume characters from Nickelodeon, the #1 cable network for kids, all new live shows and Triple Spin, a twirling, fast-moving circular ride with satellite cars that spin counterclockwise as the ride rotates in the opposite direction.

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