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August 18, 2000

Knott's Berry Farm to Finally Open Delayed Water Ride

Buena Park, CA -- Knott's guests will finally get their chance to ride the parks long awaited water flume ride, Perilous Plunge this weekend. The new attraction will debut as the tallest, steepest water ride in the world.

Originally scheduled to open in early-July, Perilous Plunge has been delayed due to myriad of technical problems. The new attraction has required an extensive amount of tweaks, which forced the park to push back the opening.

This weekend park guests will be able to board for the first time one of three 24-passenger boats that will rise up the 15-story tall structure.

Following a quick U-turn the boats will plunge down 115-foot, 75-degree angle drop, reaching a speed of more than 50 mph. Upon hitting the pool of water below the boat will create a 40-foot splash soaking all on board and many of the nearby bystanders.

Perilous Plunge is sure likely to be hit with guests who are looking to cool off during the ongoing Southern California heat wave.

Editor's Note: Despite what was stated above Perilous Plunge has not opened. As of August 28, 2000 Knott's is continuing to work on the attraction.