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August 10, 2000

Kennywood Unveils Steel Phantom Replacement for 2001

West Mifflin, PA -- Kennywood has revealed plans to do something never before attempted - the combining of two steel coasters, built a decade apart, into one amazing new coaster. That coaster, named Phantom's Revenge, will contain elements of the Steel Phantom (Arrow Dynamics, 1991) with new track and new thrills provided by coaster builder D.H. Morgan Manufacturing of California.

Phantom's Revenge LogoMost significantly, the initial lift hill and first two drops will remain - with improvements. Kennywood President and CEO Harry Henninger explains, "Since announcing our plan to replace the Steel Phantom with a new coaster, coaster lovers from around the world have expressed dismay at the thought of losing what many believe to be the best, most exciting drop of any roller coaster on earth - the 225 feet plunge which sends the Steel Phantom speeding through the Thunderbolt."

Happily, not only will Kennywood keep that portion of the Phantom, it will be improved. It will feature an inverted camel back between the first drop and the second hill. The second drop will be lengthened to 230 feet - meaning increased speed -- plunging riders into an 82 degree banked turn. The coaster train will then ascend a steep hill and dive into a 230 foot long tunnel exiting between the Thunderbolt and the Turtle. There will be no inversions. The entire ride will be smoother...faster...better.

The new coaster trains will also be a "marriage" of sorts. The chassis will remain the same, i.e., the chassis designed and built by Arrow Dynamics. Morgan will design and produce the fiberglass body. Kennywood and Morgan officials are hopeful to create a car with a lap bar rather than an over-the-shoulder restraint. Finally, the existing station will remain and, like the coaster track and trains, will be improved.

Dana Morgan, President of Morgan Manufacturing, states, "Kennywood has provided us with a very unique opportunity to create a totally new ride experience, while still retaining the Steel Phantom's world-class second drop through the Thunderbolt structure. The new ride will be very fast, very smooth, and feature lots of airtime!" In other words, this will be a really fun roller coaster!

Phantom's Revenge logo courtesy of Kennywood. All rights reserved.