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April 26, 1999

Riverside Park To Install Huss Frisbee

Frisbee LogoAgawam, MA -- The New Riverside Park announced that it would be receiving the third US installation of a Huss Frisbee thrill ride. The other two are located at Premier Parks other properties Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags Great Adventure.

Ride Shot OneDesigned by European ride designer Huss Manufacturing, the Frisbee consists of a steel support structure made up of four pillars leaning in from the four corners of the rectangular base to meet at the top in a hub.

Hanging down from the center of the hub near the ground is a circular gondola. The gondola seats 40-passengers along the outer edge facing inward.

Ride Shot TwoThe ride starts when the gondola unit begins to swing back and forth within the steel support structure, in a manner similar to a swing. In addition the gondola unit takes on a new twist, as it begins to spin the riders around in a circular manner.

According to Huss, The Frisbee results in a combination of a family amusement ride and a thrilling modern ride sensation. It is a take off of one of the most successful amusement rides of all time, the boat swing, and enters a new dimension by being given the "right twist".

The new Frisbee attraction is expected to completed and ready to operate the new Riverside Park in the early part of May.