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April 12, 1999

World's First Liquid Coaster To Open At Silver Dollar City

Branson, MO - New in 1999, Silver Dollar City presents the world's first liquid coaster--a new coaster adventure ride promising to be the fastest, biggest, most exciting ride ever built at Silver Dollar City. Unique within the theme park industry, BuzzSaw Falls, scheduled to open Sunday, May 16, 1999, combines a rapid water ride and roller coaster thrills, blending high-tech innovation with Silver Dollar City's renowned old-time theming and adventure.

With a projected cost of nearly $7 million, BuzzSaw Falls "incorporates the latest technology in roller coaster construction with a one-of-a-kind marriage of equal parts wet and dry water-rail-coaster experience," said Jason Blain, Silver Dollar City Director of Corporate Design and Development.

"The creative concept is that guests embark on a john-boat ride from an old logging camp to an abandoned Ozarks sawmill and logging operation, where they are propelled along raging log sluices toward a gigantic, active ripsaw," explained Blain. The ride continues as the boat becomes a dry coaster, drops nine stories at over 50 miles per hour, heads straight for a bank of trees, rounds sharp turns, races up a conveyor track into the treetops, and plummets headfirst down a 6-story plunge before returning safely to the mill house.

BuzzSaw Falls Facts and Statistics

  • Total ride length: 2,263
  • Ride Time: 3 minutes, 5 seconds
  • Ride speed (Flume side): 16 feet per second (Coaster): 51 mph
  • Ride fall: 95 feet
  • Final drop: 65 feet
  • Lift height: 118 feet
  • Angle of drop following lift: 50 degrees
  • Number of vehicles: 7
  • Passengers per vehicle: 10
  • Hourly capacity: 1200
  • Construction on BuzzSaw Falls was done by SDC Maintenance and Construction Management. The ride design and concept was by Silver Dollar City and Premier Rides.