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April 12, 1999

Roller Coaster Marathon Ends With Two Winners after 40 Days

Sydney, Australia - On Tuesday, April 6 after 40 days of riding 14 hours a day the final two contestants in the Whirl ÔTil You Hurl coaster riding marathon at Wonderland amusement park decided to get off the ride at the same time.

Steve Fletcher and Rosa Vacarro began riding the Bush Beast roller coaster on February 26 along with 22 fellow contestants. The two managed to endure forty, 14-hour days on the largest wooden roller coaster in the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition to riding all day, contestants were required to sleep in their seats at night. During the competition eleven walked off, and ten others were disqualified for breaking rules or health reasons.

The two winners will split the $20,000 prize, collecting a little over $6,300 each after taxes. The two contestants took 6,806 laps on the coaster and their winnings compute out to about 93 cents per lap.