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April 12, 1999

Vampire Stops Once Again After Reopening

Louisville, KY – Saturday not more than an hour after reopening after last Wednesday's incident, the Vampire roller coaster once again got stuck. Fortunately this time riders were able to walk off the train without having to be rescued.

According to a source the ride was closed after it unexpectedly stopped at the bottom of the reverse lift hill and the passengers on board were able to unload the trains using the platforms next to the track.

The Vampire reopened several hours later after park maintenance did some routine repairs to the lift chain. The latest break down was unrelated to last week's event.

Last week's incident on the Vampire was caused by a malfunction in the rides breaking system. According to the park several parts were replaced and by Thursday they began to run test runs on the roller coaster.

According to the park everything had been operating normally since Thursday. The problem with the brakes that caused the ride to stop, had been fixed.

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