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April 5, 1999

Unconfirmed Year 2000 Plans Appear Promising for Six Flags

The year 2000 may be the best year ever for existing and future Six Flags Theme Parks across the country. According to an inside source there may be at least four new parks carrying the Six Flags name, two new Hurricane Harbor water parks and over dozen new roller coasters and other thrill rides built for the year 2000.

According to this source and this is by no means a confirmed, factual list. Here are the rumored, unconfirmed plans for Six Flags theme parks for the year 2000.

Six Flags St. Louis
St. Louis may become the home to a brand new B&M stand-up roller coaster. The coaster will be between the size of the Raptor at Cedar Point and the Riddler's Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The new stand-up will not be a record breaker. In addition to the new stand-up a wild mouse roller coaster will also be built.

Six Flags Great America
Two new roller coasters from Premier Rides, Inc. will be built at the park, including a clone of the Mr. Freeze roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis. Also, clone of the Joker's Jinx, a launched multielement roller coaster is rumored to be coming.

Six Flags Great Adventure / Six Flags Over Georgia
According to this source both parks will open brand-new Hurricane Harbor water parks. The 25-acre parks will be similar to the Hurricane Harbor park that opens this year at Six Flags St. Louis.

Six Flags Astroworld
Astroworld will supposedly be getting a world's first. The first ever B&M inverted hypercoaster. The 250-foot tall coaster will feature 15 hills, a triple helix and an underground tunnel. The source also reports that B&M will design a revolutionary new lap bar for this inverted hypercoaster.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
B&M will build a new sit down launched multielement coaster similar to Hulk at Islands of Adventure. The coaster may be named Poison Ivy and be located in a themed section called Gotham City. In addition the Vekoma suspended looping coaster will be renamed Batman The Ride.

Six Flags Over Texas
Prepare for a ride with a speed of over 100-mph, up a tower over 40 stories high. Yes, it is rumored that a clone Six Flags Magic Mountain's Superman The Escape will be built behind Judge Roy Scream. The Intamin AG reverse freefall may be named Escape for Krypton, but that may also be the code name for the rumored project.

In addition to the Superman-clone, Intamin will also construct a Giant Drop freefall on the backside of the reverse freefall attraction, which is rumored to be called Flash Fall.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Fiesta Texas will take the fame away from Sea World as they build the tallest standard-hypercoaster in the state. The Giovanola hypercoaster may be 203-feet tall.

Six Flags Magic Mountain
A Giovanola hypercoaster will open in the early part of 2000. Rumor says that this hypercoaster will only hold the record in the US for the first part of the year, before being beaten by another Six Flags park.

Six Flags Marine World
The year would not be complete without one more Batman The Ride clone and a new Gotham City backlot themed area. The B&M inverted coaster will feature the typical 90-foot drop with five inversions.

Six Flags America
Why so close some are going to ask? Well according to our source Six Flags America will receive a clone of Medusa, the B&M heartline coaster.

Six Flags Darien Lake
The park is rumored to be getting an Arrow Mine Train roller coaster and a four-tower, dual Space Shot, dual Turbo Drop, S&S Sports Power thrill ride.

Six Flags Elitch Gardens
And finally the whopper of them all, Elitch Gardens may be the home to the United States first 300-foot tall, 100-mph full-circuit roller coaster. Giovanola may build the rumored hypercoaster and even better it may be called Superman: The Ride of Steel.

Name Changes, New Rides and a New Park
Next year according to this source three existing Premier Parks properties will be converted to the Six Flags brand name. Wyandot Lake, in Columbus, OH will be changed to Six Flags Lake Erie. The park will also receive a Premier Rides Joker's Jinx clone.

Riverside Park in Agawam, MA may be changed to Six Flags Riverside and receive one the ever-popular Batman The Ride clones, a B&M inverted coaster. The rumor is that the park may remove it's existing Vekoma suspended looping roller coaster, which would be relocated to one of the other Premier Parks properties.

Great Escape located in Lake George, NY may also be converted to Six Flags Great Escape. In addition to the name change a new Vekoma suspended looping coaster (possibly Riversides) and a new Arrow Dynamics hypercoaster may be in the plans.

And finally there may be a future for Six Flags in Florida. According to this source Six Flags Florida Oasis is rumored for Jacksonville, Florida. The new park may also be home to a clone of the soon to open Raging Bull, a B&M hypercoaster.

Please note, that the above information is partly based on rumors and unconfirmed facts. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.