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April 2, 1999

Cinema Ride Obtains Patent On 3-D Video Projected Simulator Rides

Studio City, CA - March 29, 1999--Cinema Ride Inc. Monday announced that the company has been granted a United States Patent for 3-D video projected motion simulator rides.

Mitch Francis, chief executive officer, said, "Cinema Ride applied for this patent in 1994, just prior to the opening of our first facility located in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The addition of 3-D to motion simulation rides has been a very appealing draw to our customers because it adds so much realism to the overall experience."

Cinema Ride develops, owns and operates motion simulation theater attractions at leading destination tourist sites in the United States and Canada. The company's 15-seat motion simulation capsules feature six-axis military-quality flight simulator hardware that is computer-programmed to move in concert with action viewed on a motion picture screen.

The Cinema Ride facilities are the first to feature 3-D motion simulator attractions. Its library includes such titles as "Atlantis Submarine Race," "Runaway Coasters," "Haunted Graveyard Run," and Warren Miller's Ski Ride."