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April 1, 1999

Disneyland To Test Virtual Queue Today

Anaheim, CA - April 1, 1999 -- According to a park employee and an article in yesterday's Orange County Register Disneyland will be testing the new virtual queue system on the Space Mountain attraction today.

The virtual queue is not exactly a new concept. It has been tried before, but is not currently used on a regular basis at any of the US theme parks.

Last month Alton Towers located in the United Kingdom, stated that it is intending to use the virtual queue system on its popular Nemesis attraction this summer.

The virtual queue basically allows guests to ride an attraction without having to wait in the typical hour or longer lines common on peak days.

To use the system a park guest must first visit the attraction where they will then be assigned a designated time period for which they may return to ride. After the reservation is made, park guests may then opt to ride other attractions, dine in park restaurants or shop in the stores.

When your time slot is up you simply return to the attraction and present your reservation slip to the attendant who will then allow you to enter the line queue. While it may not entirely eliminate the line it will in the best scenario reduce the actual standing wait time to less than five minutes.

Critics of the system say that the virtual queue actually increases wait times, limits the number of times guests may ride a particular attraction and in some cases can actually reduce a rides capacity if to many guests choose to no-show.

Despite the possible flaws Disney officials plan to continue to test the system in hopes that they may perfect it for regular use on their main attractions.