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April 1999


April 12, 1999

GhostRider Begins Three Train Operation
Buena Park, CA - Knott's Berry Farm began operating the GhostRider with three trains for the first time this past Friday. According to a reader who was at the park, the line for the roller coaster moved considerably faster with the three-train operation. But the best news is the GhostRider is operating without using the mid course breaks, even with three trains.

Several River Rapids Rides Closed Pending Investigation Outcome
A source has informed us that the River Rapids rides at several of the Six Flags theme parks are currently closed pending an investigation into what may have caused the March accident at Six Flags Over Texas. Presently it is unknown when the investigation may be completed or when the closed attractions may reopen.

Superman The Ride of Steel Completed At Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY - The new Intamin AG hypercoaster, Superman Ride Of Steel has been completed according to sources. Presently the park is testing the new roller coaster, which is expected to open on opening day, May 8.

Parts for New Roller Coasters Arrive At Michigan's Adventure
Muskegon, MI - A reader reported that last Wednesday and Thursday parts for the park's new Mad Mouse and Big Dipper roller coasters began to arrive. According to the report the Mad Mouse is going to have a blue track with a yellow support structure.

April 6, 1999

Safety Modifications Made To Montezooma's Revenge
Buena Park, CA - When Montezooma's Revenge at KnottŐs Berry Farm reopened last week after several weeks of done time for annual maintenance coaster fans were surprised to find that park officials had seat belts installed. While it is unknown exactly why the seat belts were added after 21 years of operation, we suspect that safety concerns were the primary reason.

Construction Coming Along on Poltergeist
San Antonio, TX - Construction on the new launched multielement coaster, Poltergeist, is coming along. As of last week the launch track and the final break run were complete. In addition to the completed track our source reports that many of the supports for the new roller coaster have also been installed.

The Bulls Runnin' At Six Flags Great America
Gurnee, IL - Two readers have reported that testing of Raging Bull, the new B&M hypertwister has begun. According to one reader the park was testing the new roller coaster this past Friday and Saturday. The new coaster is expected to open in May.

April 1, 1999

1999 Amusement Park Opening Dates
The following amusement parks are slated to open in the next three weeks:
April 2, 1999 - Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
April 4, 1999 - Whalom Park
April 10, 1999 - Visionland
April 11, 1999 - Canobie Lake Park
April 17, 1999 - Dutch Wonderland, Six Flags St. Louis
April 18, 1999 - Kennywood

Tennessee Tornado At Dollywood Nears Completion
Pigeon Forge, TN - The Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood is nearly completed. According to one source the new Arrow multielement-looping coaster may open as early as Saturday, April 10.

Wonderland Park To Add Additional Attractions
Amarillo, TX - A reader reported to us yesterday that Wonderland Park located in Amarillo, Texas will be receiving a Huss Rainbow and an S&S Frog Hopper ride this year. According to the reader the Huss Rainbow was sold to the park by a traveling carnival.

Georgia Scorcher Begins Testing
Atlanta, GA - The Georgia Scorcher at Six Flags Over Georgia has begun testing. According to the reader he witnessed the new B&M stand-up roller coaster in action on Monday. At least one of the two 32-passenger trains was running and cycled the course several times. The Georgia Scorcher is expected to be operational by the first week of May.

New Roller Coaster Takes Shape At Paramount's Great America
Santa Clara, CA - Construction on a new roller coaster at Paramount's Great America has really taken off in the past few weeks according to one source. The lift hill for the unannounced new coaster has already been topped off. Exact details about the new coaster are unknown and coaster fans are already beginning to speculate about when the coaster may be completed.

A construction wall inside the park surrounding the site states, "We're building it by the numbers. Watch throughout the season as we sum it up!" Painted on the wall are the combination of the following numbers, words and dashes: "1-66" "6X4X2" "180" "1-2" "4.2" "74.8" "33,192" "9-1"

Work On New Rides Continues At Paramount's Kings Island
Cincinnati, OH - Work at Paramount's Kings Island is continuing at a feverish pace. One source reports that the entire track for the Face Off has been installed and work is continuing on the queue and loading station. Also two of the main tubes for the Drop Zone are also up.

In addition to the new attractions two of the parks existing rides will be renamed for the 1999 season. The XS Raceway is going to be called "Days of Thunder" and the Amazon Falls rafting ride has been renamed "Congo Rapids."

Park officials have yet to announce what is happening for the 20th Anniversary of The Beast this year. A park source says that the marketing department has been swamped with ideas.

Drachen Fire Standing But Not Operating
Williamsburg, VA - Several readers have reported that Drachen Fire is still standing at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. One reader states, "It certainly is a sad sight to see it standing but not operating." Drachen Fire will not operate at Busch Gardens this season and according to a park source the ride is for sale. Hopefully if all goes well for Drachen Fire it will be resurrected at a new park in the year 2000.

Six Flags America Completes Joker's Jinx
Largo, MD - A reader reports that he contacted Six Flags America this week and the park reported that they have completed work on the Joker's Jinx. Testing of the new roller coaster should begin the week of April 4.

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