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Archive of past news articles on theme & amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

April 1999

Coaster Riding Contest to Celebrate The Giant Dipper's 75th
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk seeking twenty coaster loving contestants to ride the legendary Giant Dipper roller coaster 75 times.
| Read More | 04/27/99

Universal Studios Hollywood Offers Sneak Peak Of New Attraction
Purchase your tickets online, present a season pass or an AMC MovieWatcher card and you will get a free Sneak Peek pass for Terminator 2:3-D.
| Read More | 04/27/99

Arrow Dynamics to Team Up To Build High Tech Coaster
Arrow Dynamics of Provo, Utah is teaming up with three partners to research and test magnetic levitation or maglev.
| Read More | 04/27/99

Riverside Park To Install Huss Frisbee
Riverside Park announced that it would be receiving the third US installation of a Huss Frisbee thrill ride.
| Read More | 04/26/99

Lake Compounce Accepting Name Suggestions for New Coaster
Lake Compounce announced that it is now accepting name suggestions for their new wooden coaster that will be built for the 2000 season.
| Read More | 04/26/99

Riverside Park Offers Special Event for Coaster Enthusiasts
Riverside Park will offer a special behind-the-scenes day for 50 lucky coaster enthusiasts on Sunday, June 6.
| Read More | 04/26/99

Knott's To Spend $11 Million Renovating Hotel
Knott's Berry Farm is planning to spend $11 million to renovate the Buena Park Hotel and convention center.
| Read More | 04/26/99

New Roller Coaster Opens at Six Flags Over Georgia
Last weekend Six Flags Over Georgia unveiled their latest state-of-the-art thrill ride, The Georgia Scorcher.
| Read More | 04/22/99

Six Flags Over Texas Officials Reveal Possible Causes Of Deadly Accident
After a three-week investigation park officials announced Tuesday that they now believe they know what caused the accident on the Roaring Rapids water ride.
| Read More | 04/22/99

Future Hersheypark Ride Discussed Before Planning Commission
Hersheypark presented plans to build a new ride for the year 2000 to the Derry Township Planning Commission.
| Read More | 04/13/99

Michigan's Adventure Plans One More Roller Coaster
The owner of Michigan's Adventure has confirmed that the park is planning to build a new steel roller coaster in the near future.
| Read More | 04/13/99

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Six Flags and Intamin AG
A lawsuit was filed against Six Flags and Intamin AG over the death of the woman killed on the Roaring Rapids attraction last month.
| Read More | 04/13/99

World's First Liquid Coaster To Open At Silver Dollar City
The first liquid coaster, an adventure ride promises to be the fastest, biggest, most exciting ride ever built at Silver Dollar City.
| Read More | 04/12/99

Roller Coaster Marathon Ends With Two Winners after 40 Days
After 40 days of riding 14 hours a day the final two contestants in the roller coaster riding marathon got off the coaster at the same time.
| Read More | 04/12/99

Thunder Road Reopens After Accident with New Sensors
Thunder Road roller coaster that had been closed for an investigation into what caused an accident that injured seven people reopens.
| Read More | 04/12/99

Vampire Stops Once Again After Reopening
Not more than an hour after reopening after last Wednesday's incident the Vampire roller coaster once again gets stuck.
| Read More | 04/12/99

Vampire Roller Coaster Gets Stuck Stranding Riders
Train on the Vampire roller coaster at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom stops leaving 27 riders stranded.
| Read More | 04/09/99

Seven Injured on Roller Coaster at Paramount's Carowinds
Seven passengers were injured Monday evening after the train they were riding in collided with another.
| Read More | 04/06/99

Unconfirmed Year 2000 Plans Appear Promising for Six Flags
The year 2000 may be the best year ever for existing and future Six Flags Theme Parks across the country.
| Read More | 04/05/99

Cinema Ride Obtains Patent On 3-D Video Projected Simulator Rides
Cinema Ride Inc. announced that it has been granted a US Patent for 3-D video projected motion simulator rides.
| Read More | 04/02/99

Iwerks Announces Four TurboRide 3D! Theater Upgrades
Iwerks to upgrade four of its most popular ride simulation attractions at Six Flags and Paramount Parks venues.
| Read More | 04/02/99

Fun Fair Park Moving To New Location
When Fun Fair Park reopens for the 1999 season it will not only have a new name, but a new location as well.
| Read More | 04/02/99

First Phase Of Expansion Nears Completion At Wild Adventures
Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia is nearing completion of the first phase of a five-year $50 million expansion.
| Read More | 04/02/99

Ogden Announces Acquisition of Raging Waters San Dimas
Ogden announced its Entertainment group has signed an agreement to acquire Raging Waters a privately owned water park.
| Read More | 04/02/99

Medusa Roller Coaster Opening Delayed At Last Minute
Support defect delays opening of highly anticipated new roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure.
| Read More | 04/01/99

Dover Lake Waterpark Plans To Build Thrill Rides
Amusement park rides are currently being considered for the Dover Lake Waterpark located in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.
| Read More | 04/01/99

Disneyland To Test Virtual Queue Today
Disneyland will be testing the new virtual queue system on the Space Mountain attraction today.
| Read More | 04/01/99

Fabio Hit By Flying Bird on Apollo's Chariot
Supermodel Fabio suffered a one-inch cut on his nose after a bird hit him while riding the new Apollo's Chariot roller coaster.
| Read More | 04/01/99

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