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April 25, 2000

The Twister is Coming to Six Flags Darien Lake

Darien Center, NY -- Construction of the newest attraction at Six Flags Darien Lake is nearing completion as media toured the construction site of the thrill ride April 25.

The ride, which will open to the public May 13, is a unique attraction that simultaneously twists, turns and flips riders more than 50 feet in the air! The large structure seats two rows of 40 passengers and is located at the back of the theme park near the Antique Cars and the Viper roller coaster.

"The Twister will be a unique addition to our thrill ride package enhancing the overall entertainment for our guests. We're really excited about it!" said Public Relations Manager Lisa Grisanti. The new ride is included in the park's admission.

This year, there will also be new live shows and special events including "Legends of Rock" Memorial Day Weekend and "Oktoberfest" as well as improvements to the park's aesthetics and convenience factors; including a new food location named "Trappers" located in Darien Square near the laserlight show. In addition, the park's operating season will be extended to include two more weekends in September.

This year is the fifth consecutive year of additions of new rides and attractions at the park. Last year,signature additions included Superman Ride of Steel, one of the tallest coasters in the northeast, the Batman Thrill Spectacular stunt show and Looney Tunes Seaport for kids with the famous Warner Bros. characters. In recent years, other additions were also made including the first on-site hotel, a 450-seat themed restaurant, additional camping trailers to the park's 2,000-site campground, improvements to the Performing Arts Center, expansion of the waterpark and three roller coasters.

With many new attractions and park improvements over the past five years, Six Flags Darien Lake has become a regional vacation destination and resort attracting guests from wider demographic audiences and geographic locations. The park is conveniently located midway between Buffalo and Rochester and less than one hour from Niagara Falls. Exit 48A off New York State Thruway (I-90) and go south five miles on Route 77.

New "Twister" Ride Details

Manufactured by Huss under name of Top Spin. It's "head over heals" excitement with the new "Twister!" This revolving thrill ride, that looks like a giant cylinder, simultanously flips, spins, twists, and turns two rows of riders more than 50 feet in the air.