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Archive of past news articles on theme & amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

April 2000

The Twister is Coming to Six Flags Darien Lake
Construction on new newest thrill ride is nearing completion and the ride will open on May 13.
| Read More | 04/25/00

'Thrills, Chills and Spills...' Coaster Television Event
A roller coaster ride across America makes for a memorable memorial day event on the Discovery Channel.
| Read More | 04/24/00

New Spine-Tingling Attractions at Canada's Wonderland
The park will celebrate 20 years of excitement with six new attractions, including a new thrill ride.
| Read More | 04/15/00

Cedar Point Red Cross Miniature Golf Challenge
The annual event returns to the park to raise money for the local chapter of the American Red Cross.
| Read More | 04/11/00

Hersheypark's 'Springtime in the Park' Special Event
The theme park will open it doors for a special three-day bonus pay as you go weekend event.
| Read More | 04/10/00

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Landmark Gets Millennium Make-Over
The resort's landmark German tower is geting a major facelift for the upcoming 2000 season.
| Read More | 04/10/00

Superman First-Rider Event To Honor Hometown Heroes
Area residents are invited to nomimnate personal heroes for the special event to be held at Six Flags America.
| Read More | 04/07/00

Worlds Of Fun Ready To Rocket Coaster Fans Backwards
The final pieces of track have been erected and the Boomerang is ready to open this Saturday.
| Read More | 04/07/00

Special Deal Offered To Worlds Of Fun Passholders
Passholders may now purchase up to four individual tickets to the park at a special reduced price.
| Read More | 04/06/00

Ohio Theme Parks Break 23 World Records In 2000
Ohio parks invested more than $100 million for capital improvements including six new roller coasters.
| Read More | 04/03/00

Studying The Physics Of Fun At Six Flags AstroWorld
The park transforms into an outdoor lab to experience the principles and theories of physics first hand.
| Read More | 04/02/00

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Introduces New Adventure
The park will be the ticket to education and adventure with a new wild animal reserve.
| Read More | 04/01/00

New Space Surfer Ride Malfunctions During Test
Four employees were left stranded on a new ride at Kings Dominion during a pre-season test.
| Read More | 04/01/00

Cedar Fair Ends Talks With Visionland Park
Cedar Fair was unable to reach an agreement on a management contract and financing for the park.
| Read More | 04/01/00

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Names New V.P. Of Marketing
John Gillespie has been named the new Vice President of Marketing for the theme park and water park.
| Read More | 04/01/00

Cedar Point Voted Best For Steel Roller Coasters
Family Fun magazine also honored Cedar Point naming it the top-rated midwestern family theme park.
| Read More | 04/01/00

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