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Archive of past news articles on theme and amusement parks, thrill rides and attractions.

August 2005

Aug 30, 2005
Cedar Point Voted "Best Amusement Park In World"
For the 8th straight year the Ohio theme park was voted best in the world in the annual poll conducted by Amusement Today.

Aug 30, 2005
Thunderhead Wooden Roller Coaster Claims Top Honor
Dollywood's Thunderhead finished first in the Best Wooden Coaster category in the 8th annual Golden Ticket Awards.

Aug 29, 2005
Magic Springs Employee Injured In Roller Coaster Mishap
The maintenance worker got his foot caught in the roller coaster and rescurers had to cut him free.

Aug 26, 2005
Six Flags Theme Parks Puts Itself Up For Sale
Six Flags' Board announced that it will seek proposals from third parties regarding the possible sale of the company.

Aug 18, 2005
Riders Suing Knott's Over 2003 Stagecoach Accident
The suit alleges the park failed to properly operate the ride resulting in injuries to thirteen guests aboard the stagecoach.

Aug 18, 2005
Galaxy Spin Roller Coaster Opens At Cypress Gardens
Midway through its first season under new ownership Cypress Gardens unveiled its fifth roller coaster.

Aug 16, 2005
Cedar Point's Demon Drop Freefall Ride For Sale
The park hopes to sell the Intamin first generation freefall ride to make room for a new attraction.

Aug 8, 2005
Investigators Find Nothing Wrong With Playland Ride
State investigators find nothing wrong with historic boat ride after 7-year old was killed.

Aug 6, 2005
Enthusiast Takes 5,000th Ride On Lake Compounce Coaster
Veteran coaster enthusiast reaches milestone on the Boulder Dash wooden roller coaster at Lake Compounce.

Aug 5, 2005
World's Tallest Fastest Roller Coaster Reopens
After a near two month closure Six Flags Great Adventure theme park has reopened the Kingda Ka roller coaster.

Aug 4, 2005
Boy Dies On Historic Ye Old Mill Ride At Playland
A 7-year old was found dead in the water of the Ye Old Mill boat ride at Playland amusement park in Rye, New York.

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