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November 17, 2004

New High-Tech On-Ride Video System Announced

Chantilly, VA -- XTREMEX3 announced today that it has launched its next-generation multimedia data fusion system for amusement parks and attractions.

XTREMEX3 is a unique on-vehicle system that gives amusement park operators the capability to record, store, and sell to each customer dual-format DVD/CDs that play back synchronized multi-camera digital video, digital audio, vehicle data (MPH, RPM, lateral Gs), and track mapping.

With XTREMEX3, amusement park operators have the power to record personalized on-vehicle multi-camera video, audio, and data for each customer, with footage from within his or her own vehicle. The system is ideal for operators of concession karts, turbo cars, formula one racers, and dragsters.

With XTREMEX3, amusement park operators can generate new revenue streams from sales of XTREMEX3 DVD/CDs to customers. "We're in partnership with premier motor sports venues across North America and recent product developments make our turnkey solution a perfect fit for amusement park operators. Why settle for digital photos when you can relive the experience in full motion over and over again?" said Phil Sweatman, president and CEO of XTREMEX3.

The business deal is as compelling as the XTREMEX3 system -- XTREMEX3 provides the entire turnkey system, including the on-vehicle and trackside equipment, at no cost to the amusement park operator; XTREMEX3 and the amusement park operator share the revenues generated by sales of the DVD/CDs to retail customers.

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