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November 7, 2004

Silver Dollar City Announces Launched Roller Coaster

Branson, MO -- Silver Dollar City's newest attraction shoots riders into a thrill zone within seconds of climbing aboard, launching riders from 0 to 53 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. Powder Keg, a thrill ride unlike any other in the history of the theme park, combines the shocking speed of the launch with spiraling turns, negative gravitational or "G" forces, and "floater" hills for a truly wild ride experience, billed as a "blast in the wilderness."

A $10 million project, Powder Keg takes riders from the big blast of the compressed airlaunch up a lift to a 110-foot drop, into spiraling and dragonfly banked turns, through a wave of floater hills and into a bunny hop brake run. Negative G forces give riders the experience of weightlessness as the cars soar through the trees at speeds up to 64 miles per hour.

"Powder Keg takes family fun to the next level, with a breath-taking ride experience, major special effects and theming that takes our guests back to the historic mining days of our own Marvel Cave," says Brad Thomas, Silver Dollar City General Manager.

Powder Keg is themed in the history of the miners who mined tons of nitrogen-rich bat guano out of then-Marble Cave in the 1880s. The guano was taken by stagecoach and railroads to powder mills where it was made into black powder, valuable in the post-Civil War era. The Powder Keg ride begins in a powder mill as the cars move onto the launch area, amid jars of nitroglycerine that rock and tip. As the nitro "explodes," the cars blast out of the building and special effects of fire and smoke shoot through the roof of the powder mill load station.

A trip on Powder Keg lasts nearly three minutes and spirals around six acres on 3,500 feet of track. The ride carries more than 1,000 people per hour with 16 passengers per train. Powder Keg is designed and manufactured by the world's leading manufacturer of compressed-air rides, S & S Power of Logan, Utah. Silver Dollar City's Corporate Development team and the Maintenance & Construction Division are handling theming and construction. It is scheduled to open in Spring 2005.