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October 27, 2004

Dive Coaster Coming To Busch Gardens Tampa Spring '05

Tampa, FL — This spring, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will reinforce its reputation as Florida's premier thrill-packed adventure park by unveiling SheiKra, the nation's first dive coaster.

SheiKra Diving Roller Coaster Busch Gardens Tampa
SheiKra diving roller coaster coming to Busch Gardens Tampa.

SheiKra Roller Coaster Splash Down Water Feature
The coaster will include a dive into this water feature before the end.

Set among the jungle ruins of a once-mighty African civilization, SheiKra will carry riders up 200 feet at 45 degrees, then hurtle them 70 mph back toward the ground at a 90-degree angle. It will be the first coaster of its kind in the Americas and only the third in the world. Similar diving coasters in England and Taiwan can't match the height, speed and intensity SheiKra will offer.

SheiKra is the first dive coaster to incorporate an Immelmann loop, a water feature, and a second 90-degree, 138-foot drop through an underground tunnel. The ride also includes a 360-degree climbing carousel. SheiKra's 3,188 feet of steel track offers a total ride time of just over three minutes.

"With its adrenalin-pumping vertical drops, high speed, multiple coaster elements and overall experience, SheiKra is certain to fulfill thrill seekers' expectations and solidify Busch Gardens Tampa's standing as the state's coaster king," said Dan Brown, executive vice president and general manager, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

As the eighth member of the park's family of renowned coasters, SheiKra will serve as the centerpiece of a new, lushly themed habitat within Busch Gardens' Stanleyville area. The enhanced area will also include new shopping options and a 500-seat, indoor/outdoor full-service restaurant situated on the coaster's perimeter, allowing guests to be a part of the action while dining.

Artwork courtesy of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. All rights reserved.