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July 31, 2004

CoasterDynamix Launch Impressive Coaster Model

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Elkton, VA -- CoasterDynamix, Inc. announced its first product, The Dragon roller coaster modeling system. Available now, The Dragon is a completely modifiable, expandable coaster model with endless design possibilities. The snap-together kid needs no glue and can be continually taken apart and reconfigured.

Featured in FHM magazine and many amusement industry publications, The Dragon has been described as the "ultimate guy gadget" and the "world's greatest toy" by those who've previewed and pre-ordered it. CoasterDynamix is now selling Dragon and has priced it at $499.95.

In addition, CoasterDynamix has introduced the first accessory items to complement The Dragon modeling system. The new expansion pack has all the additional track, bases, and support structure necessary to increase the length of the standard model by approximately 30%. This makes it even easier for model builders to copy their favorite coaster or invent one of their own twisted designs. Extra trains can also be purchased to simulate realistic multi-train operation.

CoasterDynamix, Inc. is a collaborative effort of hobby industry professional and roller coaster aficionado Jack Rimer of Jaco Racing Products and real-life roller coaster designer and modeler Michael Graham of The Gravity Group, LLC. CoasterDynamix, Inc. has pushed the envelope of what is currently available for modeling roller coasters, focusing on producing high quality roller coaster models that are infinitely modifiable, visually accurate, easy and quick to assemble, and very expandable.

This product can be purchased through the online store at