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June 24, 2004

Beloved Blackpool Chairman Lilian D. Thompson Dies

Blackpool, England -- The chairman of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lilian Doris Thompson, died Wednesday night at her home in Blackpool. She was 101.

Thompson was the chairman of Europe's second largest theme park and the largest in the United Kingdom. She was loved in her community and well respected in the international theme park industry. At the age of 100, Thompson could still be found testing the park's newest thrill rides, including the 120-foot tall Spin Doctor.

Oddly, Thompson's death came only a few hours after the funeral of her late son, Geoffrey Thompson, managing director of Blackpool. He died of a sudden heart attack shortly after collapsing at the wedding of his daughter Amanda on June 12.

Amanda Thompson, Lilian Thompson's granddaughter, has now been named the park's new managing director.