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April 28, 2004

Five New Rides For Six Flags Great America

Gurnee, IL -- Six Flags Great America has announced plans for its third extensive family entertainment expansion in less than 10 years. This spring, the Midwest's premier theme park will see the addition of five new rides and a newly themed Mardi Gras section of the park.

"Six Flags Great America is committed to providing an ever evolving entertainment experience where families can play together," said vice president and general manager, Tim Black. "This is a considerable expansion to our family product and we are excited about the additions. This is one party our guests won't want to miss."

Plans to update, expand and renew the existing Orleans Place section of the park will convert the area into a non-stop Mardi Gras party. The newly themed Mardi Gras section will host four of the park's five new rides, including Six Flags Great America's 13th coaster, Ragin' Cajun, live entertainment and themed restaurants.

Ragin' Cajun is a fast track roller coaster unlike any other at Six Flags Great America. The only coaster of its type in the Midwest, Ragin' Cajun will zigzag guests through 1,378 feet of quick twists, tight curves and breathtaking drops. Its uniquely designed four-passenger cars spin independently throughout the ride course, so that no two ride experiences are alike. This family coaster's characteristic hairpin turns and sudden spins will have guests ragin' about their Cajun good time.

"Ragin' Cajun will add a whole new coaster experience to our park," said Black. "This wild, spinning adventure provides lots of thrills and surprises that even the most experienced thrill-seekers will appreciate."

Only the courageous will dare to experience the fury of the king himself. King Chaos will take fearless thrill-seekers to the outer limits of intensity as it twirls riders high above the park's Mardi Gras celebration. Passengers are seated in a two row, rectangular gondola while waiting for the chaos to begin. Calm at first, the King baits its riders into believing that it has granted them mercy. In reality, guests experience the King's rolling rotations for a full two minutes before finally returning to the ground.

If it's a more tame party fun-seekers crave, two new family attractions are a must. Located at the heart of Mardi Gras, guests will find Six Flags Great America's answer to the Big Easy. Up, up and away guests will go on the park's new attraction, Big Easy Balloons. The colorfully designed royal balloons set sail every few minutes and gives riders the opportunity to enjoy an exciting, whirly view of the party below. If they choose to spice things up a bit, guests may also control their trip by wildly spinning their balloon round and round.

While in Mardi Gras, be sure to board The Jester's Wild Ride. This unique, Mardi Gras parade float rocks riders forward and backward on a specially designed U-shaped track. Just when guests think they have it all figured out, the ride's signature spin kicks in. The Jester's Wild Ride is an innovative, new family attraction that will delight children of all ages.

Not to be outdone by the majesty of the new Mardi Gras section is the park's fifth new attraction, Revolution. Hold on tight because the star-spangled addition of this new ride will leave guests screaming for more. Located in the park's County Fair section, the Revolution begins as riders board the brightly colored circular pendulum. Guests spin round and round more than 65 feet above the midway enjoying the swing of a lifetime.

In addition to the park's new rides and themed area, families can experience six new shows, unique meet and greet opportunities with the park's famous characters, an exciting festival series and a party atmosphere that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the Midwest.

"Introducing another great family package one year after the 2003 launch of an incredible roller coaster, re-enforces our commitment to providing entertainment for all ages," said Black. "This year, we've made it even easier for families to spend time together by introducing a brand new line-up of fun the entire family will enjoy."

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