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January 18, 2004

Waldameer Spending $5 Million On Park Improvements

Erie, PA -- Waldameer Park unveiled its plans for a new spinning roller coaster and other upgrades for the upcoming 2004 season. The new roller coaster is the highlight of the upgrades park owner Paul Nelson has planned for the Western Pennsylvania amusement park.

The new spinning roller coaster will take riders up five stories and drop them 51-feet. It will have a top speed of 38 mph as the cars ride along 1,400 feet of steel track.

"It's going to be fun and I can't wait to ride it," exclaimed Waldameer Park general manager Steve Gorman.

This new roller coaster has a twist to the traditional ride. Each individual car is designed to spin, uncontrolled, as it travels along the steel track.

The cars may spin around as many as 20 times a minute, according to Gorman.

A name for the new roller coaster has not been selected, so the park plans to seek input from the public. According to Nelson a contest will be held and the public will be able to suggest the name for the new roller coaster.

In addition to the new coaster, Waldameer will also add three new games to the midway, new games to the arcade, and bronze statues will be placed throughout the park. A shade tent will also be constructed over the audience area for karaoke.

Nelson says the $5 million he is spending is necessary to keep the park up-to-date and he intends to spend more on Waldameer Park in the near future.

Already he is seeking permits to build a new wooden coaster he calls the Ravine Flyer II. The new roller coaster would span Peninsula Drive and become the park's signature attraction helping to draw in more visitors.