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August 21, 2003

Paramount's Great America To Introduce New Water Park

Santa Clara, CA -- Get ready to splash, swim and float in 2004 when Paramount's Great America opens "Boomerang Bay," a multi-million dollar water park built inside the existing theme park.

The addition of "Boomerang Bay" will make Paramountss Great America the only park in California that features a water park inside a theme park -- all for one admission price. While the details for "Boomerang Bay" are still forth coming, this new Australian-themed water park will feature a variety of slides, kiddie splash areas and water play activities for families with kids of all ages. Boomerang Bay will encompass nearly 3 acres, the size of 5.5 football fields.

"The creation of Boomerang Bay provides our guests a new entertainment adventure that is included in the general admission ticket price," said Tim Fisher, executive vice president and general manager of Paramount's Great America. "Boomerang Bay is designed with families in mind and it provides activities that kids of all ages can enjoy together. We are confident visitors from throughout Northern California will love this new addition."

In order to make room for the new water park, Paramount's Great America is removing the Stealth roller coaster. Thrill seekers who haven't ridden Stealth have until Sept. 1 to come to the park and ride it before the ride closes and construction begins on "Boomerang Bay."

"Paramount's Great America is built on 100 acres in Santa Clara County that 30 years ago, was surrounded by farmland," said Mark Mahaffey, vice president of Facilities, Maintenance and Construction, who has been working at Paramount's Great America for more than 20 years. "Today, we are enveloped by the Silicon Valley and we're continually looking for ways to add new attractions and develop the park on the land that we have. Boomerang Bay is different than anything we've done in the past."

Starting in 2004, guests who purchase a VIP Pass to Paramount's Great America will be able to visit three local parks for the price of one -- Paramount's Great America Theme Park, Boomerang Bay Water Park (within Paramount's Great America Theme Park) and Bonfante Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy, Calif. The VIP Pass will also include free parking at Paramount's Great America and admission to all of the Paramount Parks throughout North America.

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