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June 21, 2003

Coaster Madness 2003 Coming To Dorney Park June 27

Allentown, PA -- Coaster Madness is coming to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom on Friday, June 27. Coaster Madness is an annual event where roller coaster fanatics gather to participate in exclusive ride time (ERT) on the park's roller coasters.

About 400 roller coaster enthusiasts from across the country will rush to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom to ride the Park's thrilling coasters on this day. Event guests receive a total of five hours of ERT on four different Dorney Park roller coasters: Steel Force, Talon, Hercules, and ThunderHawk.

Steel Force is a 200-foot-tall hypercoaster that ranks #6 in the world on a list of top steel roller coasters. Talon is the longest, tallest inverted roller coaster in the Northeast. Hercules is one of the world's tallest wooden coasters with a surprise 157-foot first drop into a 55-degree banked turn. Thunderhawk is a classic wooden roller coaster that is celebrating its 80th anniversary at the Park.

So which is better: wooden roller coasters or steel roller coasters?

"We'll leave that for enthusiasts to debate as they gather for Coaster Madness at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom," states John Albino, Vice President and General Manager of Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. "We welcome their fascination with coasters and look forward to a great event."

This is the eighth consecutive year for a coaster enthusiast event at Dorney Park. Guests for this event must have a valid membership to a recognized roller coaster or amusement industry club to participate. For more information, please visit