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April 10, 2003

Southern California's First Floorless Coaster Scream! Opens

Valencia, CA -- The world's first and only Xtreme Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain just outside of Los Angeles, continues its historic run at the record books today with the opening of yet another Xtreme roller coaster - Scream! - Southern California's first floorless mega-coaster. Scream! will mark the park's "sweet 16" roller coaster ... shattering its own Guinness Book world record status as the theme park with the most coasters on the Planet!

"When it comes to thrills, hands down Six Flags is the industry leader in Big, Bold thrill ride experiences ... especially in this highly competitive Southern California theme park market," stated Del Holland, vice president and general manager of Six Flags Magic Mountain. "Xtreme thrills is what our guests expect, and more importantly, want from us. And we continue to deliver, never resting on our laurels. In 2002 it was X, a stunning, revolutionary new spinning seat sensation and today it's Scream!, a truly unique floorless coaster that I assure you delivers an Xtreme, yet very different thrill experience. It's the missing link to our remarkable world-class coaster collection and a coaster that I'm sure will be a real Southern California favorite!"

Scream! combines traditional roller coaster technology with a unique floorless train design. Riders are strapped into "flying chairs" racing at intense speed with their feet dangling in the air - no track above their head, no coach around their seats - screaming through a series of Xtreme maneuvers up-and-over seven 360-degree inversions, flying through numerous twists and turns that span 4,000 feet of track for a thrilling three minute Xtreme rush!

Strapped in 32 passenger trains, Scream! sends riders soaring through the sky beginning with a 150-foot-tall first drop at 65 mph directly into a huge 128-foot vertical loop. Riders then plunge into a gut-wrenching 96-foot dive loop followed by a dramatic heartline camelback element designed specifically to enhance the feeling of flying. With no time to rest, riders are immediately swept into a cobra roll at 78-feet above the ground before diving straight down into a tight turn only to drop once again into a near 90-degree helix. Rounding out the "flight," guests fly over a banked turn before racing over a speed hill followed by two interlocking corkscrews. Then it's one more high speed hill before finally arriving back in the station ... whew ... or should we say ahhhhhhhh!

"The floorless coaster is a truly different ride experience unlike any other in Southern California ... I'm sure it will soon be fondly referred to as the Park's real "yell raiser," noted Paul Ruben, roller coaster historian and North American editor of Park World Magazine. "With Scream! as the park's 16th coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain now has every type of coaster possible. Without a doubt, they are the world's ultimate Xtreme Park ..a true thrill seekers paradise!"

Designed by coaster experts Bolliger & Mabillard of Switzerland, Scream! is the only ride of its kind in Southern California. Since the Park's inception in 1971, Six Flags Magic Mountain continues to deliver the next generation of thrill rides. Last year the park introduced X - the most anticipated ride of the decade and in 2001, the Xtreme Park opened Deja Vu - the tallest and fastest suspended looping coaster in the world. Other record breaking coasters include: Superman The Escape - the first and only ride to break the 100-mph speed barrier; Viper - the tallest looping coaster in the world; Colossus - the tallest wooden coaster on the West Coast; The Riddler's Revenge - the tallest and fastest standup coaster on the planet and Revolution - the world's first 360 degree looping coaster and more.

For more information on Scream visit Six Flags Magic Mountain.