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April 9, 2003

Preview Of Superman Coaster At Great Adventure

Article written by:
Alex Bove, Contributing Writer

Superman Ultimate Flight Logo, Six Flags Great Adventure

Jackson, NJ -- On April 17 Six Flags Great Adventure will unveil it's newest roller coaster, Superman Ultimate Flight. This next generation flying roller coaster will be the only one of its kind in the Northeast. Now join us as we present an exclusive behind the scene construction tour of this exciting new attraction.

We'd like to thank Kristin Siebeneicher of Six Flags Great Adventure's public relations department for providing us with a tour of the Superman site.

Great Adventure Superman Ultimate Flight
The entrance facade for Superman Ultimate Flight and the start of the attraction's queue.

SFGAdv Superman Roller Coaster
Inside the Superman Ultimate Flight loading station is one of the roller coaster's two trains with the seats in the "flying" position.

Six Flags Flying Coaster Train
Another photo from inside the station of Superman's unique train. Water dummies are currently loaded onto the train for the initial testing phase.

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Superman Ultimate Flight logo courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure. All rights reserved. Photos copyright © 2003 Alex Bove.