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April 7, 2003

It Is Now Or Never For Save Dreamland Campaign

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Margate, United Kingdom -- "It is now or never," says Save Dreamland Campaign leader Nick Laister.

"Now is the time to save Dreamland", commented Laister. "It is essential that everyone who wants to see Dreamland and the Scenic Railway survive must write to the Council before May 9 to object to the Revised Local Plan".

Laister was speaking in the week that Thanet District Council published the Second Draft of the Revised Local Plan for consultation. The message from the Save Dreamland Campaign is simple:

"If we want to save Dreamland, we must let the council know that we are not happy about their u-turn on the Dreamland policy. The first draft of the plan published in 2001 contained a policy that only allowed for the redevelopment of a limited part of the site and only if it could be demonstrated that the development would ensure the future viability of the amusement park. The policy also stated that development which would lead to a reduction in the attractiveness or tourism potential of Dreamland would normally be resisted.

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