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February 25, 2003

TimberHawk To Be Washington State's Largest Coaster

Seattle, WA -- It's a dream come true for coaster fans in the Pacific Northwest. Washington State's biggest roller coaster will be built at Wild Waves and Enchanted Village this year -- the twists and turns of the 75-foot-tall "TimberHawk" are sure to thrill the young and young at heart.

But the real thrill in this major announcement from Wild Waves and Enchanted Village: It's the first wooden roller coaster to be built in Washington State in 68 years.

The TimberHawk, the park's first wooden roller coaster, will stand at 75 feet and include 20 crossovers, 12 curves, 12 breathtaking drops, six reversals and a 50-mile-per-hour, 60-degree banked turn.

"Get ready roller coaster fans!" said Lenny Freund, general manager of Wild Waves and Enchanted Village. "With the addition of Washington State's biggest roller coaster, Wild Waves and Enchanted Village is reaching new heights in family entertainment for the Pacific Northwest."

The TimberHawk will be located in the park's new Old West Territory in the eastside of Enchanted Village. Construction will begin immediately and the ride is expected to open in June.

On The Hunt: TimberHawk Coaster Is Ultimate Wooden Thrill Seated in 24-passenger trains, riders will experience a thrilling series of turns and drops as the TimberHawk reaches freeway speeds. The ride begins with a thrill-teasing right turn between majestic pine trees and then makes a swift turn to rise high above Enchanted Village. The TimberHawk plummets down the first drop, then quickly swoops up forcing guests to feel the urge to "duck." A 90-degree left turn at the base of the first hill causes riders to barrel around at maximum speed.

Thrills continue as the TimberHawk slices back under the first hill, then twists through the last hill, bracing along a 90-degree turn before plunging down. The final drop pushes the riders to the limit, whisking them up into a 45-degree turn as they enter the ride's finale.

"Wooden roller coasters remain the king of the amusement park, an all-time favorite," said Paul Ruben, North American Editor of Park World magazine. "The TimberHawk promises to take your breath away. With its giant drops, out-of-control speed and twisting curves, we're looking forward to major-league mayhem."

Wild Waves and Enchanted Village will open its 26th season on May 18. A favorite local destination for families and thrill-seekers, Wild Waves and Enchanted Village is the region's largest theme and water park. In 2002, the park added 10 new rides and attractions, including splash coaster Lumberjack Falls, thrill ride the TimberAxe and interactive water tree house Hook's Lagoon.

Other roller coasters at Wild Waves and Enchanted Village include the Wild Thing steel roller coaster and the twisting Klondike Gold Rusher.

Wild Waves and Enchanted Village is located in Federal Way, off Interstate 5 at Exit 142b on Enchanted Parkway. For more information about Wild Waves and Enchanted Village, visit