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February 12, 2003

Seven New Rides to Debut This Year At La Ronde

Montreal, Canada -- La Ronde has never been as thrilling as it will be next summer. Seven new rides are being added to Quebec's number one theme park. New La Ronde, new sensations...

Six Flags has announced today it is pursuing its major investment program in Montreal. "This winter alone", said Len Turtora, Vice-President and General Manager, "Six Flags is investing more than 15 million dollars in the Montreal landmark. We are reinforcing La Ronde as the most popular tourist attraction in Quebec".

Since "La Ronde's" initial season in 1967, there has never been so many new rides to discover in one season!

The new rides include a North American premiere. Indeed, the spectacular Manitou will be the first thrill ride of its type in North America. Hanging from a giant 24 passenger six-sided circular gondola, riders will experience rapid fire spinning while swinging back and forth from a central axis as part of a breathtaking new ride sensation. The Manitou will also display a very unique and impressive Aboriginal design. For the Algonquians, the Manitou is a supernatural power that permeates the world.

Another ride for those who like their sensations strong, the Vertigo, will swoop guests to heights of 60 feet in a continuous looping motion. The unique face to face seating arrangement of this new ride will allow guests to see the the faces of their friends as they circle upside down with feet dangling below on this thrilling new attraction.

"La Ronde has always been and will remain a family destination and the new rides have been planned that way", said Turtora. Altitude being a favourite among visitors of all ages, the whole family will love to take to the sky on the new flying carousel swing, Tour De Ville. Up to 48 riders at a time will enjoy the wonderment and fantasy of this classic family attraction. "Staying embedded into the fibre of Montreal, 'La Ronde's' Tour De Ville is being custom-designed in an old Montreal theme", mentioned Turtora.

Another attraction designed for the whole family, Tasses Magiques (Magical Tea Cups) will be based on the all time classic interactive ride. It will consist of 12 giant rotating cups. Each cup will accommodate up to five riders. The double motion of the platform combined with rider-controlled spinning of the tea cups will all add up to perhaps the greatest family ride of them all.

La Ronde is also adding another roller coaster - a theme park favourite - to the many it already operates. The Toboggan Nordique will be the perfect ride for the whole family. The Toboggan Nordique's individual four passenger cars will go through a course full of hairpin turns and moderate drops. Perfect for the not so daring thrill seeker.

Another popular family attraction is the Autos Tamponneuses (bumper cars) ride. It will be all new in 2003 featuring the latest innovation in bumper car design. As well, La Ronde will inaugurate a brand new Grand Carousel, unquestionably the most traditional and romantic of all rides.

In addition to these seven thrilling new rides, numerous improvements and renovations will be made to the infrastructure such as landscaping, design, decor, sanitary installations and other guest comforts across the site. These changes will definitely add to the pleasure and comfort of our guests in 2003.

"Owner of 'La Ronde' since 2001, Six Flags undertook last year a major development program," recalled Mr Turtora. "This investment program is the largest and the most ambitious in 'La Ronde's' history. At Six Flags, we see 'La Ronde' as an exceptional asset, mainly due to its unique venue in our beautiful city of Montreal."

"Last year, major site improvements and infrastructure investments initiated our five year investment program. It brought to Montreal a new generation of thrill rides at the vanguard of technology. We have met with incredible success: all summer long, "The Vampire" has attracted masses of jolly visitors and has been the star attraction."

At the end of Six Flags' 5-year $90 million investment program, La Ronde will have become a world class attraction. Six Flags announced plans aimed at turning La Ronde into one of its flagship parks, while preserving its specific nature, which was inherited from Man and His World.