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February 7, 2003

Two New Thrill Rides Announced For Six Flags Astroworld

Six Flags Astroworld 35th Anniversary LogoHouston, TX — For the first time in nearly two decades, Six Flags AstroWorld, Houston's premier family entertainment complex, will add not one, but two incredible new rides in a single season! Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the theme park will debut SWAT, a one-of-a-kind, unbelievable extreme thrill ride, and Diablo Falls, a whirling, twisting, spinning water raft ride.

"Texans love to boast, and now Houstonians have something truly special to brag about," declared Chuck Hendrix, the theme park's vice-president and general manager. "SWAT is the ONLY extreme ride of its kind on the entire planet. And Diablo Falls is the tallest spinning rapids ride in the world. Six Flags AstroWorld is the ONLY place in the world where you can experience these two unique, all-new rides, along with nine fierce roller coasters, innovative shows, blockbuster concerts, plus the city's coolest waterpark."

SWAT Artwork
The all-new SWAT thrill ride coming to Six Flags AstroWorld for the park's 35th anniversary.

The totally new SWAT will take fearless thrill-seekers to the outer limits of intensity as it spins riders 105 feet in the air head over heels while rotating 360 degree vertically around a center axis. Riders will experience the unbelievable sensation of flying up to "swat" the sky and diving back down to earth as they circle forwards and backwards. Created by S&S Power Inc., SWAT will make its world debut this spring in Six Flags AstroWorld's Mexicana section.

"Once again Six Flags AstroWorld leads the pack as the first theme park in the world to deliver this brand-new, cutting edge thrill ride technology," stated Hendrix. "Combined with the all-new Diablo Falls, the addition of SWAT to the park's already impressive line-up of exciting rides makes visiting Six Flags AstroWorld in 2003 an absolute must."

Diablo Falls LogoAdventurous theme park guests will encounter splashy thrills as they travel down Diablo Falls, Six Flags AstroWorld's all-new spinning raft ride. Boats spin continuously as they whirl through multiple spirals, drops, twists and turns, cruising past water geysers that blast cool water high into the air. Riders will have a "devilish" time staying dry as spectators join in the fun, blasting boats with multiple water cannons located on the sidelines. Created by WhiteWater West Industries LTD., Diablo Falls is also located in the park's Mexicana section and is scheduled to debut this spring.

Diablo Falls Artwork
The new Diablo Falls offers splashy fun for the summer.

"Get set to get wet," advised Hendrix. "Water rides are always popular during Houston's steamy summers, and a whirl on Diablo Falls is a great way for park guests to beat the heat." Bathed in primaries – red, yellow and blue, Diablo Falls' brightly hued slides and boats stand in vivid contrast against the park's tropical landscape like a multi-colored serpentine river.

Six Flags AstroWorld's 2003 Season Grand Opening is Saturday, March 8. The theme park will be open daily for Spring Break through March 23. The WaterWorld section will open April 18.

In 1968 Judge Roy Hofheinz created AstroWorld, Houston's first (and only) major theme park. Named after the city's space program, the 57-acre park was built as one of several components, including the Astrodome, of Hofheinz' world-class entertainment complex. In 1975 Six Flags purchased the park and transformed it into Six Flags AstroWorld. Today, the park encompasses 100 acres, including Houston's premier waterpark, WaterWorld, and boasts an impressive arsenal of 33 rides including nine of the biggest, hottest coasters with nearly four miles of twisting, turning, looping track. In 2003 Six Flags AstroWorld celebrates 35 years as a Houston landmark, providing fun, family- oriented entertainment to generations of thrill-seekers.

Artwork and logos courtesy of Six Flags Astroworld.