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January 29, 2003

Six Flags St. Louis Announces Xtreme Xperience For 2003

Xcalibur Artwork

St. Louis, MOSix Flags St. Louis rolls out the red carpet for the new, Xtreme renegade round-up, XCALIBUR. Opening in Spring 2003, this cutting-edge thrill ride combines the slinging action of a catapult with the rapid rotation and breathtaking Xcitement of a looping attraction to create a unique ride Xperience!

Traveling aboard 16 gondolas dangling from a large wheel, guests Xperience the force of XCALIBUR as they are quickly propelled into action. XCALIBUR slices through the air with rotating motion as it swiftly catapults guests 113 feet in the air, turning them head-over-heels before coming to a halt, leaving them suspended over the ground below. Riders get a brief reprieve before XCALIBUR swings back into motion, once again slinging them 'round and 'round and upside down as they travel back to the safety of the fortress below.

The past and future collide as guests encounter Xcalibur. With royal colors adorning the gondolas that sit atop the mighty iron-bound wooden legs of the ride, Xcalibur recreates the rustic, rebellious days of King Arthur and his Roundtable. Modern-day technology brings to life the legend of the mystic sword through the combination of intense power, speed and motion as XCALIBUR takes guests on a Xciting time-warped Xcursion!

Reshaping the Six Flags St. Louis skyline, XCALIBUR stands guard over the Britannia Section of the theme park at a towering 11-plus stories high. This royal giant takes on 64 riders each ride cycle and travels 16 full rotations per minute!

Xcalibur artwork courtesy of Six Flags St. Louis. All rights reserved.