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January 16, 2003

Major Supercoaster Announced For Marine World

Six Flags Marine World Zonga Logo

Vallejo, CA -- You'll get looped just looking at it!

"Zonga" is Six Flags Marine World's new seriously twisted supercoaster featuring four full-circle, full-tilt looping inversions and looking like a brightly-colored psychedelic steel psycho-pretzel.

Six Flags Marine World will open Zonga in Spring 2003, Park officials announced today. The new 112-foot-tall thriller will be the sixth and wildest major roller coaster among the 35 rides added to the Park in the last six years. Zonga's eye-popping blue, purple, red, yellow and green towering metal twists will greet arriving Six Flags Marine World guests from its location next to the classic wooden roller coaster Roar.

Zonga Roller Coaster Loops Rendering
"Zonga" is Six Flags Marine World's new seriously twisted supercoaster, featuring four brightly colored full-circle, full-tilt, fully-inverted loops in wild yellow, glowing green, too-hot red and passionate purple.

Zonga Roller Coaster Rendering

The new ride takes its name from a Swahili word for "coil" or "loop," and Zonga will be a veritable spin cycle of head-over-heels fun.

From the top of Zonga's sky-high lift hill, the 20-passenger trains will take a screaming dive at a 70-degree angle then immediately arch backwards into two giant back-to-back steel circles. Zonga riders spend the next two minutes wheeling, whirling, rolling and careening through a colorful circumvention of twisting track, including two more big, breath-taking round- out loops.

Six Flags Marine World's 2003 Season kicks off on Saturday, March 15. The Park is open on weekends in the Spring and Fall, and daily during Spring Break and Summer. Northern California's most popular family park, Six Flags Marine World offers 35 animal attractions and nine shows along with its 35 rides and other family fun activity centers.

Zonga logo and artwork courtesy of Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc. All rights reserved.