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November 20, 2002

New Super Hero in Town at Six Flags Over Texas

Arlington, TX -- In its never-ending quest to deliver unprecedented, first-class excitement to Guests from all around the globe, Six Flags Over Texas, today announced the latest addition to the Southwestern U.S. skyline -- the tallest structure of its kind in North America ... Superman Tower of Power!

Superman Tower of Power, based on the legendary DC Comics Super Hero Superman, will take the planet by storm when it launches in spring of 2003, allowing Guests to "fly" like the Man of Steel himself!

This 315-foot state-of-the-art wonder will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience and evoke feelings never imagined as riders take off skyward for a breathtaking eagle eye's view of the Dallas-Ft. Worth skyline.

But that's just the beginning! Superman Tower of Power boasts the only 300-foot combo ride (Sling Shot and Turbo Drop) in North America. The structure consists of three massive connecting steel towers, capable of offering a unique individualized experience. Bursts of compressed air "Sling Shot" riders to the top then "Turbo Drop" them down in addition to multiple other unique ride options. Only Six Flags Over Texas could create such an experience!

"Superman Tower of Power is not just a ride, it's an adventure. Where else but Six Flags Over Texas would you expect to find a structure this tall, this exciting, and with such magnitude" said Steve Calloway, vice president and general manager of Six Flags Over Texas.

Every evening the ride will be transformed by the unprecedented Superman Tower of Power lighting display which will be visible from miles away.

Each of the three towers accommodates 12 riders, secured by over the shoulder restraints and seat belts in modular outward facing seats that will leave passengers' feet dangling freely in the air.

Soaring an amazing 315 feet above the earth, Superman Tower of Power(TM) will be the tallest ride ever built at Six Flags Over Texas -- 70' taller than Titan, 15' taller than the Oil Derrick, 90' taller than the Texas Chute Out and 171' taller than the Texas Giant.

Designed and built by S & S Sports Power, Inc. of Logan, Utah, Superman Tower of Power(TM) is scheduled to make its debut launch in spring of 2003.