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November 2, 2002

Construction Reaches Highpoint On Wood Coaster

Branson, MO -- Construction is up -- currently 8 stories high -- on the wooden roller coaster at Silver Dollar City's new night-time theme park, Celebration City. Crews today set in place the 80-foot supports for the coaster, the highest point on the ride, which is named the Ozark WildCat.

A $4 million ride, Ozark WildCat is an ultra-compact, classic twisting wood coaster that will reach speeds of 45 miles per hour and drop 8 stories. It has a one-of-a-kind 310-degree spiraling double-down first drop, a high speed swoop turn with a rabbit hop midway and a screaming finale, according to Clair Hain Jr., president of Great Coasters International of Sunbury, Penn., designers and builders of Ozark WildCat.

Ozark WildCat will be one of nearly 20 rides and attractions, including three coasters, at Celebration City, said Steve Honeycutt, Director of Operations for the new park. A 60-foot steel coaster is named Thunderbolt, and another steel coaster, yet to be named, will be added this winter. Additional thrill rides include The Accelorator, a tower ride which launches riders 80 feet before plunging them back down with back-to-back positive and negative G-forces; Fireball, which swings and spins riders over 60 feet in the air; and the Electric Star Wheel, a 95-ft. high classic Ferris Wheel.

Celebration City is designed to be the "night" place for families, said Rick Baker, Silver Dollar City's Vice President for Product Development & Research. This new, multi-themed park highlights some of the most colorful and entertaining eras of 20th Century America in three distinctly themed areas: Main Street, with water sculptures and fountains from the elegant Victorian era, full of the vibrant activity of the early 1900s; the Electric Boardwalk, with a boardwalk park atmosphere harking to the days of trolley parks, amusement rides and arcade adventure; and historic Route 66, celebrating the 1950s and '60s era of shiny automobiles and drive-in diners. "Celebration City will be as different as night and day from Silver Dollar City, celebrating the turn of an exciting new century," Baker said.

One of the most outstanding features will be a spectacular nightly outdoor laser production show, which is being custom designed for Celebration City and will take guests through time travel of the 20th Century with lasers, lights and water features, all set to vibrant music. This "nightcapper" event culminating the day's fun and entertainment will be featured prior to park closing each evening.

Themed restaurants and eateries include the '50s-style Last Chance Diner, featuring all-American meals; Kate's Cookies and Cream serving ice cream cones like those introduced at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904; Mickey's Pizza, a café celebrating the "Golden Age of Sports" in the early 1900s; and Mustard's, serving the famous Nathan's hot dogs, a brand that dates back to 1916 and the glory days of Coney Island. Ten themed shops include: The Baldwin Theater, an old-fashioned photo shop that resembles a turn-of-the-century silent movie house, where guests can have photos taken with backdrops from the 1900s or the roaring '20s to the 1950s; Margo the Magnificent, with everything from outrageous costumes to lava lamps; Route 66 with an old-time gas station theme, offering Route 66 memorabilia, and Woody's Workshop, a shop at the exit of Ozark WildCat, filled with gadgets and toys to spark the imagination.

Park hours will be 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Celebration City will open in Spring, 2003. For tickets and information, call 1-800-952-6626 or 800-888-PASS. Information is also available on the web site,