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September 27, 2002

New Thrill Ride Delirium Coming To Kings Island

Kings Island, OH -- Imagine being caught in the heart of a storm, hurtling through the air out of control. One moment suspended upside down, the next moment rushing face-first toward the ground then nearly upside down again ... all in seconds. Experience the power of Delirium, one of several new attractions to debut at Paramount's Kings Island in 2003.

Delirium is a powerful ride that will send 50 outward facing riders seated on a continuous ring with their legs dangling free in the air, spinning madly at the bottom of a giant arm that swings back and forth rocketing riders up to 137 feet in the air...more than thirteen thrilling stories! Riders will spiral in a 120-degree arc between 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock as the park races by on one of the most hair-raising escapades on the planet. Developed by Huss Rides of Germany, this blue, yellow and silver monster will be the largest of its kind in the world and be located in the Paramount Action Zone section of the park.

As previously announced, also new in Hanna-Barbera Land in 2003 is the imaginative "Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle." Park guests will join Scooby-Doo and the entire Mystery, Inc. gang of Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy on the case to explain the mysterious activity of a green ghost haunting an ancient castle.

The animated adventure will begin as guests board their very own Mystery Machine that travels through ghostly graveyards, creepy corridors, and down into dingy dungeons. While winding through the castle, riders are equipped with Fright Light ghost blasters to zap ghosts and collect points. Points are tallied at the end of the experience to see who has the best ghost-zapping ability.

"For the first time in Paramount's Kings Island's history thrill-seeking guests and families with kids will be able to enjoy two multi-million dollar attractions designed specifically for them," said Craig Ross, executive vice president and general manager. "There is something new for everyone in 2003... and we are not finished announcing new attractions yet."

Paramount's Kings Island is now open for weekends only through Nov. 3 for the 2002 season. For more information about Paramount's Kings Island guests should visit