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September 5, 2002

American Claims New Roller Coaster Riding Record

Hassloch, Germany -- Richard Rodriquez once again claimed a new World record Tuesday for the most continuos rides on a roller coaster. Rodriguez beat the previous record he set last summer while riding The Boss roller coaster at Six Flags Over St. Louis.

After 104 days of riding "Expedition Ge-Force", a steel megacoaster at Holiday Park in Germany. Rodriguez emerged Tuesday beaten and windburn, to proclaim the new record. This record breaks his 100-day record he set last summer at the Six Flags Park in Eureka, Missouri.

Riding roller coasters has been a lifetime passion for Rodriquez. The 42-year old doctoral student has been setting roller coaster riding records since the late 1970s.

Unfortunately, his latest record will not be featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. According to Rodriquez he had too many breaks, five minutes every hour, to qualify. Regardless, he still intends to send a log of his rides to its editors.

Over the past 104-days a team of doctors monitored Rodriguez to ensure that he stayed in good health. After the final round of rides Rodriquez was simply suffering from muscle aches.

He thanked the coaster crew as he left his seat. The crew kept him in good spirits while he worked towards his goal of breaking his previous record.

Rodriguez would not comment on his future roller coaster riding plans.

Meanwhile, he plans to return to Chicago to finish his doctoral thesis, but only after he spends some time vacationing in Germany.