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June 26, 2002

V2 Vertical Velocity Coaster Reopens at Marine World

Vallejo, CA -- V2: Vertical Velocity is back in the fast lane. The tallest, fastest, most extreme thrill ride in Northern California shifts back into high gear at Six Flags Marine World with a whole new launch trajectory and the same sizzling speed.

Propelled by a high-tech system of powerful, sequentially pulsing electro-magnets originally developed by NASA for future Space Shuttle launches, Vertical Velocity jets from 0 to 70 mph in a scant 3.5 seconds.

Its 28 bold and daring riders barrel through a quick barrel roll on their way up and over astonished guests in the Park's front entry plaza. The return trip starts 150 feet in the air - full speed reverse - backward through the barrel roll, back through the Vertical Velocity station and backwards straight up to the top and looking straight down from a 150-foot skytower. And then the whole full tilt, face-flattening rocket ride happens again...and again.

Vertical Velocity is the first suspended spiraling impulse coaster on the West Coast and one of only a handful in America. The supercoaster debuted at Six Flags Marine World last summer. Its dramatic redesign in the off-season - the angle of the coaster's forward steel track was dropped to 45 degrees and the twisting barrel roll inserted mid-track - makes Vertical Velocity's new configuration a one-of-a-kind world's first.

Vertical Velocity is manufactured by Intamin Worldwide of Switzerland. Its American prototype, called Superman Ultimate Escape at Cleveland's Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, is rated one of the world's top 25 steel roller coasters by Amusement Today magazine. Vertical Velocity is Six Flags Marine World's seventh roller coaster. Its distinctive 150-foot tall yellow spikes are located between the classic wooden roller coaster Roar! and the Park's Sea Lion Stadium.