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June 18, 2002

Knott's Accelerates Into Summer With New Roller Coaster

Buena Park, CA -- Slick back your hair and grab your leather jacket, happy days are here again! Knott's Berry Farm unveils a souped up Boardwalk with the addition of Xcelerator, the all-new 50s themed roller coaster that pops the clutch on June 22, 2002. The thirteen million dollar high-octane coaster fires up its engines chrome-plated with flip-top, flame-emblazoned '57 Chevys and speed, with lots of it.

What's the tale, nightingale? From the minute you enter the queue line, you're transported back to the time of a greaser's chop shop. As you approach the station fashioned after an automotive showroom right out of 1957, you'll notice the attention to detail throughout. Step up to the platform and fasten yourself into one of Xcelerator's flame-emblazoned, yellow or purple fin-tailed hot rods. You are now in the passenger seat and the driver is racing for pink slips. Hold on tight and make sure your knuckles are white because this baby burns rubber across 2,202 feet of cool coral track.

Xcelerator hydraulically launches you off the line at an electrifying top speed of 82 mph in 2.3 seconds through an exhilarating 205-foot ascent and immediate descent at a 90-degree angle. That's 20 stories straight up and straight down. It's no sweat for the two trains, with a capacity of 20 people per train, to mess the nests of 1,330 guests per hour. This hopped up screamer is a 24-second blast from the past for everyone from ankle biters to Big Daddys!

The new attraction continues the re-vitalization of The Boardwalk themed area and reinforces Knott's ongoing commitment to world-class thrill attractions. "Knott's has set the pace for record breakers and highly acclaimed rides and our coaster will be at the top of those lists as well," proclaimed Jack Falfas, General Manager and Vice President of West Coast Operations for Cedar Fair, L.P., Knott's parent company. The park's Supreme Scream and GhostRider have set attraction records with GhostRider recently voted one of the world's best wooden roller coasters by coaster enthusiasts.

As always, Knott's strives to be a good neighbor and has taken noise reduction measures as part of the design and manufacturing process. Guest satisfaction has also been an important consideration in this process. "Xcelerator has been engineered with advanced technology for the guest's utmost comfort and safety," said Falfas. The new coaster is designed and manufactured by Intamin International of Switzerland.

Construction of the new attraction and revitalization of the Boardwalk area was completed by AGI General Contractors. In addition to the new coaster, a new game area was added to complement the high-energy surroundings. With hot grilled grub available at Angel's Flying Burgers and souvenirs that every car enthusiasts would love to have at Lee's Last Stop Service Shop, the Boardwalk is definitely the place to be seen.

Xcelerator Facts

  • Maximum Height: 205 feet
  • Length: 2,201 feet
  • Launch: Hydraulic launch 0 to 82 mph in 2.3 seconds
  • Maximum Speed: 82 mph
  • Number of Trains: 2 - 20 passenger trains
  • Brake System: Magnetic
  • Project Cost: $13 million

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