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April 12, 2002

Wooden Coaster To Race Backwards For 2002 Season

Gurnee, IL -- Two tracks, two experiences, equal twice as much fun at Six Flags Great America. Experience out of this world thrills on Six Flags Great America's racing wooden coaster, American Eagle, where front is back, back is front and the usual coaster rules do not apply! This season, guests will have a rare opportunity to conquer the double-tracked racer as one side operates...backwards!

For those who wish to be a part of this exclusive engagement, trains on the blue side will be turned around for enthusiasts to step on board and experience the ride facing backward. And if traditional screams and thrills are desired, American Eagle red side will remain facing forward. Either way, guests will enjoy two minutes of mind-boggling fun as they speed through nearly one mile of coaster track - riding forward or backward!

"We are extremely excited to offer this incredible ride experience," said Jim Wintrode, vice president and general manager. "Just when you thought you had it figured out, American Eagle adds a whole other dimension of thrills!"

For more than two decades, America Eagle has remained a favorite among park patrons. With an initial drop of 147 feet at a 55-degree angle, racing up and over hills at nearly 60 mph, a ride on the American Eagle belongs at the top of every thrill-seeker's checklist - especially this season!