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April 8, 2002

Soar To New Heights With World's Greatest Super Hero

Atlanta, GA -- Amid immense anticipation and to the astonishment and delight of thrill seekers world-wide, Six Flags Over Georgia makes aviation history with the debut of the South's only flying roller coaster, Superman - Ultimate Flight. Superman - Ultimate Flight, based on the legend of Superman, a DC Comics Super Hero and a timeless American icon, celebrates the true spirit of courage and adventure.

The opening of Superman - Ultimate Flight represents the park's third major thrill ride addition in less than a year and brings Six Flags Over Georgia's roller coaster tally to an impressive nine. "Six Flags Over Georgia continues to lead the industry by offering the most innovative, cutting-edge thrill ride experiences available. With the opening of Deja Vu, Acrophobia and now Superman - Ultimate Flight, this regional theme park has transformed into the Super Park of the South," said John Odum vice president and general manager of Six Flags Over Georgia.

The single largest investment in the park's 35 years, Superman - Ultimate Flight turns average mortals into high-flying super heroes. Recognized as the South's only flying roller coaster, Superman - Ultimate Flight is "an adrenaline rush at it's best," added Odum. Completely unique in design, this ride begins with a 115-foot climb in altitude, while riders face straight down with nothing but a bird's eye view of the landscape below.

The ultra-intense, three-minute journey is packed with relentless thrills featuring sharp dives under ground and high-banked curves and spirals - all with riders arms stretched above the head and the body in a prone position. The one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art design and high tech ride elements enhance the incredible flying experience.

Riders will encounter two signature features as they travel the 2,759-feet of tortuously twisted steel track - the first ever pretzel shaped, inverted loop and a 360-degree in-line roll. Riders will sail head first, through the 78-foot pretzel loop, climbing to the top of the large loop and diving into a curve, which brings them amazingly close to the ground. Rounding out the flight is the surprising 360-degree in-line roll, tightly coiled and quickly executed, giving riders the feeling of being hurtled through space just before the train enters the station.

"Superman - Ultimate Flight's remarkable flight characteristics and airborne experience make it the most unique roller coaster in the world," stated Odum.

Enhancing the experience, riders pilot through the maze of twisted steel in a revolutionary carriage sitting four-abreast. Gravity pulls riders, tilted face first, to securely designed over-the-shoulder harnesses and lap bars. To maximize ride capacity, Superman - Ultimate Flight utilizes the first of its kind dual loading station delivering 1,520 rides per hour, more than any other ride in the park.

Known throughout the world for developing the most innovative and technologically advanced rides, Superman - Ultimate Flight manufacturer Bolliger and Mabillard of Monthey, Switzerland ranks among the best coaster designers in the business. Other Bolliger and Mabillard rides at Six Flags Over Georgia include Batman The Ride - a suspended, looping coaster and The Georgia Scorcher - one of the tallest and fastest stand-up coasters in the South.

The buzz of the industry since its announcement January 22nd, Superman - Ultimate Flight has coaster experts stepping forward claiming it as the hottest new thrill coaster for 2002. Paul Ruben, a roller coaster writer, lecturer, historian, and aficionado who has ridden more than 500 different roller coasters over the last 60 years said, "Six Flags Over Georgia has pushed the envelope with Superman - Ultimate Flight! This coaster is a lie-on-your-stomach and dive-bomb-towards-the-ground ultra intense thrill machine. The result is controlled mayhem, a sense of flying on one of the wildest rides ever."

The creation of Superman - Ultimate Flight "transforms mere mortals into high flying heroes," Odum added. That is one reason Lt. Commander John Raiford, director of Aerospace Operations for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center's Aviation Challenge program, is ready to apply for a new type of pilot's license.

The 20-year flight veteran has piloted some of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world and spent over 4000 hours in both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. He continues to search for the ultimate aviation challenge both in the air and on the ground. "Superman - Ultimate Flight is truly a unique perspective in roller coasters. It's great to be excited about flight again!" Raiford said.

Six Flags Over Georgia is open to the public for weekend operation March 23 through October 27, daily operation from May 24 through August 11 and Spring Break April 6 through the 14. Six Flags Over Georgia will be closed Saturday, September 21st for a private event. For general park information visit