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March 12, 2002

Las Vegas Stratosphere Submits Plans For Roller Coaster

Las Vegas, NV -- Stratosphere officials again submitted plans to the city council for a new roller coaster on February 25. The latest plan calls for a scaled back version of the roller coaster that was met with opposition from neighbors and the city council four months ago.

The new ride that is almost identical in design has been downsized from 740 feet to 510 feet. The new roller coaster would reach a top speed of 93 mph as it races down 510-feet crossing Las Vegas Boulevard to a 325-foot tower on the opposite side. The previous version was to have reached a top speed of 120 mph.

The scaled back ride will likely be met with opposition again from area residents. A meeting is scheduled for March 15 to allow residents to voice their concerns.

Stratosphere officials contend that the roller coaster is necessary to draw people down the Las Vegas strip to the hotel. The Stratosphere currently has two thrill rides already atop its hundred story tower.

The Las Vegas Planning and Development Department will review the plans and prepare a report by April 4. The Planning Commission will review the proposal at its April 11 meeting, before it goes before the City Council for final approval.