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March 12, 2002

Paramount's Great America Offers Two New Rides For 2002

Santa Clara, CA -- Paramount's Great America will offer two new thrill rides to entice park visitors when it opens later this month. The region's largest amusement park will feature more than 50 roller coasters, thrill rides and attractions this year.

New this year is Delirium, a new spinning ride where you will spin, roll and twist. Delirum is unique since it's the first of its kind in North America.

The second new ride this season is the Flying Eagles where you'll pilot your own bird as you fly through the air. Flying Eagles is an updated version of the classic "Flying Scooters" ride that was commonly found at amusement parks years ago.

In addition to the two new rides park guests may also enjoy Meteor Attack!, a new futuristic action-adventure ride where you'll "Save the Earth". Two new Nickelodeon(R) characters Nick Jr.'s Dora the Explorer and Jimmy Neutron will be on hand this year.

Guests can also experience the most roller coasters in Northern California including Stealth, the world's first flying coaster, Top Gun, Invertigo and celebrating its 25th anniversary this year Greased Lightning, a shuttle loop coaster from legendary ride designer Anton Schwarzkopf.

General admission to Paramount's Great America is $43.99. Children (ages 3-6 or under 48 inches) are $33.99 and seniors (60 and older) are $37.99.

The WOW! Card is back again this season. Purchase one full price, general admission ticket and upgrade to a WOW! Card, valid for unlimited repeat visits all season long.

Paramount's Great America opens for the 2002 season on March 24.