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February 27, 2002

New Zamperla Thrill Ride Announced For Dorney Park

Allentown, PA -- Reliable sources predict a meteor to scream across the skies of Dorney Park in 2002! On May 4, 2002, the Eta Aquarids meteor shower lights up the sky, but the brightest meteor that day hits Dorney Park as Meteor is added to the Park's long glowing trail of extreme machines.

Riders sit 3 abreast as Meteor thrusts them 65 feet into the air to be inverted with nothing between their feet and the sky. The two hydraulic swinging arms continue their circular motion, shooting all 48 riders back down into Meteor's crater before blasting them into space again. Riders experience the sensation of a looping coaster as they follow the brilliant trail of Meteor both forward and backward - facing each other throughout the entire ride.

Amusement rides manufacturer, Zamperla, Inc. of Vicenzo, Italy, is the creator of this exciting new attraction. Located near White Water Landing flume ride and Hercules roller coaster, Meteor makes impact at Dorney Park in May of 2002.

Meteor's Ride Statistics

Maximum Height Reached -- 65 feet

Motion of Ride Travel-- 360 Degrees/Vertical Looping

Design -- 2 Hydraulic Swing Arms

Approximate Duration of Ride -- 1 minute, 30 seconds

Number of Riders Per Cycle -= 48 (24 per Arm)

Capacity -- About 700 Riders per Hour

Ride Manufacturer -- Zamperla, Inc. (Vicenzo, Italy)

Minimum Rider Height Requirement -- 48"

Color Scheme -- Yellow/Orange/Red Seats, Restraints & Artwork Blue Hydraulic Arms