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February 27, 2002

La Ronde Announces $17 Million In Park Improvements

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Montreal, QuebecLa Ronde announced plans for the most significant expansion in the park's 35-year history. Six Flags, Inc. will spend $16.7 million on new attractions and improvements at the park, including the addition of a new inverted roller coaster.

"With these exciting additions planned for 2002, visitors will have even more activities to choose from than ever before at La Ronde," said Kieran Burke, Chief Executive Officer of Six Flags, Inc. "There will be more thrills, more roller coasters, more shows and more attractions."

The highlight of the new improvements is the Vampire, a new inverted roller coaster, with five inversions that will leave riders breathless. The Vampire is the largest improvement to be added to La Ronde in years. Once built, the Vampire will be the first and only inverted roller coaster in Quebec.

"The Vampire will become the most spectacular roller coaster at La Ronde," according to Burke. "It represents at the same time a major new attraction and a significant investment in the Montreal tourism industry."

The roller coaster will span 2,700 feet and will climb to 105 feet. Reaching a speed of 50 mph and transporting 1,400 passengers per hour, the Vampire will also include five loops defying the laws of gravity. The Vampire is designed and engineered by Bolliger and Mabillard of Switzerland and construction is already underway.

In addition to the roller coaster, Six Flags is making improvements to the appearance of the park. A new park entrance is already under construction and will likely be the first improvement guests will see upon arrival at the park. The new entrance will include several new buildings and the restoration of existing ones.

These capital improvements are only the beginning of a plan Six Flags has to improve the park. La Ronde is unique for its exceptional location. Six Flags plans to continue to improve the park in the coming years to give park guests the best possible experience.

"At the end of our investment plan in five years," stated Pierre Bélanger, director of marketing at La Ronde, "La Ronde will have become a world class amusement park, worthy of an international capital like Montreal."

Six Flags purchased La Ronde, the largest amusement park in Quebec, from the city of Montreal last spring. At the time of purchase Six Flags announced its intention to make a sizeable investment in new rides, shows, and other improvements for La Ronde. Many in the amusement industry expect Six Flags to eventually move La Ronde under the Six Flags brand.