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February 20, 2002

Three New Attractions To Open At Six Flags Darien Lake

Article written by:
Eric Gieszl, Editor

Darien Center, NYSix Flags Darien Lake announced plans to launch Shipwreck Falls, a family adventure water ride, one of several new additions planned for the park this year. The new water ride will be set in a tropical setting and thrill passengers with an exhilarating plunge down a steep waterfall.

"Six Flags Darien Lake guests love Hook's Lagoon, our three-story parent and child interactive waterpark, and all the splashy water rides we offer, but they continue to crave more. We are satisfying that craving by giving them Shipwreck Falls - a thirst-quenching, body-drenching shoot-the-chutes family adventure water ride," said Bradley Paul, Six Flags Darien Lake's vice president and general manager.

Shipwreck Falls will be located next to Cuda Falls in the park's waterpark. According to Six Flags the ride will become known for the spectacular splash it makes as boats filled with riders sail into the lagoon, dousing those in the boat and around. A "look-out" bridge will give onlookers the perfect spot to watch all the action and get soaked as well.

In addition to the new water ride Six Flags Darien Lake also announced plans for two more exciting thrill rides. Slingshot, a new reverse-bungee thrill ride and Turbobungy, an extreme bungee-trampoline ride will both debut this spring.

"Six Flags Darien Lake has a treasure chest of exciting new attractions this year, from new rides and shows to a new featured food," said public relations manager Jill Storms. "With its daring plunge and big splash finale, Shipwreck Falls will appeal to both families and thrill seekers who are looking for a fun way to keep cool."

Guests that visited the park last fall may remember Slingshot. Park officials stated that Slingshot is returning due to popular demand and will now be a permanent addition to the park.

Slingshot is a reverse-bungee ride in which passengers enter an open-air capsule, are lowered to the ground face-up, and then catapulted 300-feet in the air at speeds up to 80 mph. Slingshot will push the limits this year since it will be bigger and better than the prototype that was tested at the park late last season. At 300-feet Slingshot will become the tallest attraction in the park.

"The response to the Slingshot we tested last year was phenomenal so we felt we had to bring it back to satisfy all the extreme thrill-seekers out there," said Linda Taylor, director of marketing. "It really is the most intense experience our guests have ever witnessed."

Slingshot will be erected to the immediate right of the main entrance backing up to Shipwreck Falls and an on-board camera will capture all the action.

Turbobungy is another new addition to Six Flags Darien Lake this year. This bungee-trampoline ride is a favorite among kids and teens allowing them to bounce, flip and create crazy stunts up to 20-feet in the air with the aid of a bungee-cord harness and trampoline. The Power Quad version of this ride being installed at the park will allow four people to enjoy the ride at once.

Six Flags Darien Lake will open for the 2002 season on May 4. For further information visit