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January 18, 2002

Disneyland Resort Reduces Prices for Annual Passports

Anaheim, CA -- Disneyland Resort announced new prices for its Annual Passports and the end of the one park annual pass. The new prices and changes come at the end of a difficult year for the two theme parks.

Park officials announced that effective immediately all one park annual passes have been upgraded to two park passes. All annual passholders may now use their pass at either Disney's California Adventure or Disneyland Park. Park hopping privileges used to be reserved for two park passholders only.

The new prices announced for Annual Passports are as follows:

-- Southern California Passports valid for 205 days are $99.

-- Deluxe Annual Passports valid for 320 days are priced $149.

-- Premium Annual Passports valid for 365 days are $199, a drop of $100 off the previous two-park premium passport price.

The price cuts and changes come at the end of a difficult year for the Anaheim parks. Disneyland attendance was reported to be off 12% this past year and Disney's new theme park California Adventure ended its first year of operation with attendance far below expectations.

According to Amusement Business attendance at Disney's California Adventure was 5 million in 2001, which was far short of the 7.5 million the company had hoped for.

Some speculate that the changes may be Disney's short-term answer to give the theme parks an attendance boost. Without any major new attractions this year both parks may continue to see attendance drop.

Jazzland Theme Park in New Orleans, which just ended its second year of operation, saw attendance sharply decline after its first year of operation. California Adventure could likely see the same scenario, which is not uncommon for a new theme park.